Rolex CHF 250’000-500’000


We can admire the rarity and the watchmaking behind Rolex’s vintage pieces, but we definitely can’t ignore the fact that some of their pieces are real works of art. This ref. 6102 Bombay named ‘La Caravelle’ only proves that statement. An extremely rare piece displaying a Viking ship in cloisonne enamel was created by an artisan who once worked for a company owned by the Stern family (of Patek Philippe) and apart from its beauty it also holds an immense historical value. Hence the estimate price of CHF 350’000 – 700’000.

Now that we are talking about Daytonas, how about a very special (and possibly unique now) Daytona in yellow gold. The reason I say ‘special’ and ‘unique’ is because not only was it retailed by Hermes, it also has the stamp on the back of the case. And on top of that it’s a Paul Newman 6241 with an extremely clean dial, dating back to 1971. The estimate is quite high as well, somewhere between.If Rolex is your thing but Bond isn’t (which is quite unlikely but possible) Phillips offers another famous model where the dial remains still. This Daytona ref. 6239 got its fame by being featured on the cover of Ultimate Rolex Daytona (by Pucci Papaleo) quite possibly making it the Ultimate Daytona. It’s nicknamed ‘Solo Quicksilver’ for having just the brand name ‘Rolex’ on its dial under the crown logo (and no other text around it). Its estimate is
CHF250’000-500’000, and it very much deserves it, still being the only discovered model of its kind.

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