Rolex is worthwhile for you

For those of us who do not have a kneel ring for those who want to show their status, the opportunity is on the wrist. Therefore, with the traditional ticking vibration watch core of the mechanical watch, not only timeless, but also more and more fashionable.

In the eyes of many people, the so-called senior watch is Rolex. Its mysterious charm symbolizes the high popularity, high quality, high price, is the most popular high-level watch, a year to sell 750,000 new watch, second-hand market trading volume is huge.

Despite the great honor, this year just over a hundred years old Rolex, compared to just finished two hundred and fifty birthday Vacheron Constantin, in a high-level watch of traditional Switzerland, is only a fledgling young man.

In fact, Rolex is not started in Switzerland. This point with many of today’s distinguished, mysterious brand name, are some less than outsiders for the small secret. Rolex watches, although known as precision precision, but it is not the main reason to buy high-priced watch: a hundred dollars of the watch must certainly go more accurate; if the decoration to buy the watch, that Patek Philippe should be more people never tired.

The reason for the success of Rolex watches is due to marketing. It shaped a people want to have, but also affordable public aristocratic culture. The most typical Rolex buyers are those who want to have their neighbors and friends have, or want to have something, “said Chris Jackson, former president of the American Watch Business Association. Rolex’s pricing is just high – not everyone can have, but it is affordable to many people can afford.



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