Rolex Oyster Weekday calendar type 36

1956 World Rolex Sunday calendar to achieve a prominent innovation: it has 18ct gold or platinum style, is the world’s first in the dial on both the calendar window and can show all the weeks of the watch , Which at the time was a great technological achievement. As a model of the distinguished watch, Sunday calendar type with the head of the type of strap, once the advent of the influential people by the favor.

Rolex has a dedicated casting, developed a high quality 18ct gold alloy. By mixing different amounts of silver, copper, platinum or palladium, you can extract different kinds of 18ct gold: gold, pink gold or white gold. All raw materials are made of high purity metal, in the gold before the formation of the first in the laboratory through the careful detection of advanced equipment, the processes are meticulous. Since the source of the tireless pursuit of perfection, Rolex has always insisted.

Gem inlaid artisans, as sculptors use precious metals for each gem to carefully craft its inserts. Then, the craftsmen with extremely accurate skills for the gem inlaid. Each gem is precisely aligned and calibrated to its place to ensure that it is firmly decorated in gold or platinum inlay.

Weekday calendar type 36 is developed entirely by Replica Rolex 3155 self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with week and date disk device. As with all Rolex motion, the Model 3155 movement is also certified by the Swiss official accreditation, which is awarded to the Accurate Watches that have been successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The structure of this movement and all Oyster watch movement the same, with unparalleled reliability.

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